What happens if I die without making a will?

How do I know my possessions will go to the right people when I die?

Should I use a bank or a solicitor to write my Will?

Should I write my Will myself so that I can clearly express my wishes and my loved ones will understand?

My partner has already made a will. Should I also make a will?

How much will it cost?

Who are the executors?

What is a Trustee?


Will Trusts

How does a Trust work?

Should I go to a solicitor to produce my trust?

Can I do it myself?

Can my loved ones sort it out after I have died?


Estate Administration

What does it mean to be the executor?

Should I manage everything on my own?

Should I go to a bank or solicitor?

How much will it cost?


Document Assist

Where is my Will kept and how will my executor(s) know where to find it?

What happens if my circumstances change after I have made my Will?


Lasting Power of Attorney

Should I set up my Lasting Power of Attorney myself?

I’ve found a form on the Internet. Can I use that?

Should I use a bank or solicitor to prepare my Lasting Power of Attorney?

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