A helping hand when someone dies

Assist Law are here to help and support people to plan ahead by helping them with the practical, professional, legal and emotional aspects of end of life planning. We recognise that everyone is different, that’s why our services are tailored to your individual needs. We provide affordable solutions at fixed fees and are upfront about all of our costs with no hidden extras.

Providing a professional helping hand to people at a time when they need it most, our processes are as simple and efficient as they can be, making your journey as seamless and effortless as possible.

To guide families through the entire bereavement process we have advisers on hand who cover every aspect needed and at a pace to suit you making what can seem a daunting and complicated task manageable, with professional support in the background.

We are here to help you along life’s journey by pre-planning and removing the worry from your loved ones.  Make sure your final wishes are recorded by writing your Will; let us help you pre-plan your funeral. Through our panel of carefully selected funeral directors, we can put families in touch with a funeral director who will take care of the arrangements in a dignified and respectful way.  We only work with funeral directors who share our values and so can be assured of a quality service at exceptional value.

As leading independent specialists in bereavement support, we provide essential advice and guidance on the choices you have available during your lifetime to ensure that your family have the support and help needed when the time comes. We can also assist you in appointing someone to look after your affairs in the event you are no longer able to, due to an accident or ill health by preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney as well as making sure you have maximised on any tax reliefs available with Inheritance Tax Planning.

Have confidence in our ability to take care of everything”.

How can we help?

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