Will Trusts

Assist Law offers expert advice on a range of options to meet your Estate Planning requirements, providing a simple solution to a wide range of different situations.

We will provide legal support, guiding you through the decisions you need to make, and asking the key questions that will allow you to plan in a way specific to your own circumstances. This will ensure your trust achieves exactly what you intend, so you can rest assured your wishes will be carried out to the letter.

How do trusts work?

You can choose from various ways in which your loved ones will benefit from your estate. This flexible and reliable approach gives you peace of mind as it allows you to leave, say, your property to your children, while also protecting the interests of your spouse/partner by continuing to give him/her somewhere to live after you have died.

When might I need a trust in my Will?

Vulnerable Beneficiaries

You may be concerned one of your loved ones would be unable to manage an inheritance, because of physical or mental disability, perhaps, or because of drug dependency or financial irresponsibility. Your trust will allow your loved ones to have all the advantages of their inheritance but without having to manage it themselves.

What if my spouse remarries

A trust in your Will can protect the inheritance of your children whilst at the same time making provision for your spouse thus guarding against the threat of sideways disinheritance.


You can protect the inheritance of your chosen beneficiaries from divorce with the use of trusts


If either you or your chosen beneficiaries were to become bankrupt, a trust can protect your assets from creditors.

Inheritance Tax

For some people this planning can significantly reduce levels of Inheritance Tax that would otherwise be payable on their death to ensure as much of their estate as possible goes exactly where they intend.

Our innovative fixed-price approach means you know in advance exactly what you will be paying – and you can include as many different trusts in your Will as you need for the one fixed fee. This will give you the peace of mind that the arrangements you have made will protect those in need, without worrying about how much it will cost.

"A trust gives the reassurance that you can protect and control what happens to your assets and property after your death".

Writing a Will Trust with Assist Law

What do I get?

(Please note that if a Severance of Joint Tenancy is required, there will be an additional charge of £120 including VAT)