There is a natural degree of uncertainty when buying any type of product or service today, which will not be delivered until it is needed sometime in the future.

When choosing a provider of legal services, it is essential that you and your family have the peace of mind that in the unlikely event that things should go wrong, you will be protected. When dealing with Banks you are protected by the Banking Code and the Banking Ombudsmen. When dealing with financial services you are protected by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Similarly, when dealing with Solicitors you have recourse through the Solicitors’ Compensation Fund.

About PALS

The independent legal services market does not fall under the governance of any of these organisations and as such there is a clear gap in the security of the public when purchasing Wills, trusts, probate support and other associated services.

By choosing Assist Law, I am assured of continuity of service, whatever the future brings

The Professional Association of Legal Services (PALS) protects you in the event of an individual legal service provider being unable to deliver the services you have purchased. Assist Law is a members of PALS, giving you and your family the peace of mind that the estate planning decisions that you have formalised now, will definitely be honoured in the future.

What is PALS?

The Professional Association of Legal Services (PALS) was formed in 2002 to address the gap in the regulation of the independent legal services industry. Previously there was no protection for the clients of companies who may cease to trade without a commercial successor, leaving them vulnerable to losing contact with their Will and other services they had bought. For almost 10 years, PALS has been providing security and peace of mind to the clients of its member organisations, by guaranteeing continuity of the services that you purchase from us.

Who does PALS represent?

The aim of PALS is to provide reassurance and protection to clients so you can buy with certainty in an uncertain world.

Care for you as our client:
In the unlikely event that we are not able to provide the services to which you are entitled, the remaining member companies within the PALS organisation undertake to provide those services at no additional charge.

What PALS is not:
PALS is not a regulatory body and as such it is not in a position to address complaints regarding its individual members or their representatives. It will, however, try to resolve any issues or disputes between its members and their clients where possible.

Client Charter:

What does our PALS membership mean for you?

  • PALS will provide a guarantee of continuity of service to our clients, giving you peace of mind when you purchase legal services from us now and in the future
  • When dealing with Assist Law, as we are a member of PALS, you can be assured that the services you have purchased are backed by the longest established trade cooperative in the legal services industry
  • Should PALS’ services ever be needed, you would receive a quality service, identical to our own
  • PALS membership is limited to companies which have a proven track record in the legal services industry, so you know you would only ever deal with a reputable, established and secure company