Executor Assist

We will support you when someone dies

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a traumatic experience in any event but to then be faced with dealing with complex legal matters can be daunting leaving yourself asking “What do I do?

Often the answer to this question is “I don’t know” and many people need the support of a professional to help them. As an Executor of an estate you will be personally liable for your actions and this makes most people want to be sure they have done everything correctly.

Assist Law provide an individually tailored service to support you through all the steps you need to take when someone dies.

A dedicated Bereavement Adviser will be appointed to you and will discuss steps you may have already taken, assist with prioritising remaining tasks using a step by step process and be available throughout the procedure for advice.

You will receive help with…

  • Securing property
  • Dealing with dependent relatives and/or pets
  • Establishing whether there is a valid Will
  • Requirements for statutory notices
  • Valuing assets and liabilities
  • Deciding what the legal requirements are for the estate
  • Collecting the assets
  • Calculating debts and settlement
  • Paying the expenses
  • Identifying the beneficiaries including any charitable organisations
  • Distributing specific gifts
  • Initial distribution of the estate
  • Capital gains tax, income tax, inheritance tax
  • Estate accounts
  • Final distribution of the estate
  • Tax certificates
  • Investment advice for the beneficiaries and/or Trustees
  • State benefits & Final administration tasks

Executor Assist Fees

Executor Assist

All of the above for
£1,200 (inc VAT)

Grant only service

We can make the application to the court on your behalf for an additional fee of
£750 (inc VAT)

Full estate administration

If you would prefer not to deal with things yourself and would rather hand everything over, then we can provide you with a full estate administration service.

Our fee for this service is 2.5% or for Executor Assist members 1.75% of the gross value of the estate. *

*Subject to a minimum fee of £2,400

*Excluding VAT and disbursements